YouTube Snapshot Exclusive Broadcast Rights to NFL Games

That’s Apple’s objects of its app on the Apple TV, but it’s the latest thing on YouTube that allows the game to be broadcast during the NFL season. The Google firm will take care of the live broadcast of the matches on its YouTube TV and YouTube applications. Of course, we will have to expect a small financial contribution to access the matches, which is logical given the colossal expenditure of Google!

Google x NFL

According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, the National (Site notre blog d’information) League (NFL) in the United States has managed to find common ground with Google for broadcasting Sunday night games. The NFL had discussed at length with Apple to enter into a partnership, but the Cupertino company does not seem ready to spend as much money as Google did for a broadcast on YouTube.

The agreement between the NFL and Google would be around the $2 billion per, a summer record for a contest that is among the most popular in the United States. We understand better why Apple did not want to compete, the bids were probably already very high. Let’s not forget that the Cupertino company recently made a gigantic investment to obtain the exclusive broadcasting rights for the MLS pay the 10 years to come.

From next year, the regulars of Sunday evening matches will have to subscribe to the YouTube TV plan ($64.99/month). This is a big change, as NFL games were still shown on pay TV.
UN add-on in exchange for a monthly payment should also be accessible on the application and the YouTube site for those who do not want to join YouTube TV.

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