status quo at the FFF, despite the investigation targeting Le Graët

, status quo at the FFF, despite the investigation targeting Le Graët

The French (Site notre blog d’information) Federation (FFF) delayed Thursday on the fate of its president Noël Le Graët, withdrawn from office but still suspended from his post despite an investigation targeting him for moral and sexual harassment.

Meeting Thursday morning by videoconference without its 81-year-old boss, the executive committee of the body « took note of the decision (Monday) of the Paris prosecutor’s office to open an investigation concerning Noël Le Graët », announces the FFF in a press release . But « without further information at this stage, and respecting the presumption of innocence », he decided to « remain (r) on his position of withdrawal from the president », replaced on an interim basis by the vice- President Philippe Diallo, she added.

Before making a decision, the Comex attends to the communication of the audit of the General Inspectorate for Education, Sport and Research (IGESR), charged by the Ministry of Sports with clarifying the dysfunctions at the be of the ‘ example.

The interim report of the IGESR is expected in principle on January 30. Then the Federation will have several days for the comments form before the final report is compiled. Will this overwhelm Noël Le Graët? The future of the former mayor of Guingamp, in office since 2011, risk considered dependent.

« The Comex met a few days later to devote itself entirely to the consequences of the audit, which takes us around mid-February », explained to AFP Eric Borghini, member of the executive committee and president of the Federal Commission for arbitrary

– Investigation and Slippage –

Already weakened by numerous controversies and singled out by several testimonies from women accusing him of sexist behavior, Noël Le Graët was forced to step back last week during an extraordinary Executive Committee convened just after statements to the ‘Cookie cutters concerning the icon of French (Site notre bureau spécialisé) and sport Zinedine Zidane.

And the opening Monday by the Paris prosecutor’s office of an investigation aimed at moral and sexual harassment, following a report made by the auditors of the IGESR, has darkened its prospects.

The « Fédée », now commanded by Philippe Diallo, is therefore trying to continue its work without Le Graët, who has gone on leave in Martinique.

On Thursday, the body notably advanced on the arbitration file and decided to ask Ifab, guardian of the rules of the game, for authorization to sound its referees in Ligue 1, on an experimental basis.

Quickly, however, the file of his management will come back on the table: the general manager Florence Hardouin has indeed been laid off and Noël Le Graët, arrived on the ruins of the fiasco of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, seems more than ever close to the exit.

If he has long been supported body and soul by his executive – made up of members of his list for his last re-election, in 2021 – this has no longer been the case in recent weeks. If no member has publicly called for his resignation, several have encouraged « NLG » to drop the bar.

– Le Graët denies –

Outside the « 3F », the climate is there, the more the hostility and the calls for a departure multiply.

But the boss of French (Site notre bureau spécialisé) clings: Tuesday, he denied the accusations, attacking, in a press release sent to AFP, leaks organized « through the press ». He also scratched the « interference and political pressure » of the government and in particular of the Minister of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castéra.

If the former president of En Avant Guingamp does not resolve to hand over on his own initiative, the Executive Committee’s room for maneuver remains limited: the « government » of the FFF can only « incite “The president to give up his apron, explains one of the members, and cannot force him to leave the stage.

If Le Graët refuses to step aside, the great fear of elected officials is above all to see the Federal Assembly being convened by a quarter of its members in order to dismiss the Comex as a whole.