Soccer. N3: Lannion FC beat Cesson and managed the pass of three

, Soccer.  N3: Lannion FC beat Cesson and managed the pass of three
Lannion FC Steve Devaux
Three successes followed by a championship for Steve Devaux and Lannion! ©Jérémy Nédélec / Le Trégor

Never two without three for the Lannion FCwho chained a third success in the league this Saturday, December 10 against Cesson (3-1). The Blues, united in defense, sorted from the relaxation zone.

Lannion reverses the situation

The Lannionnais were however picked cold from the start, the former of the house Corentin Le Houerouescaped in depth on the left side, successfully crossed his recovery from the left (2e).

The Blues reacted after the quarter of an hour of play: Steve Devaux provoked well in his left lane, his attempt at the right counter came back, thanks to a favorable counter, on Louka Morinwhich equalized closely (19e). Then on a kick of Vidot JuniorSteve Devaux found, in two stages, the flaw in the opposing defense (27e).

Ahahbar completes the job

In the second period, Cesson put his (Site notre bureau spécialisé) on the ball and tried everything to catch up. The Blues have had the opportunity several times to widen their lead, but Karim Acahbartwice, and Devaux again, have come up against Thomas YodoCesson’s doorman.

In a tight end to the match, Karim Acahbar, against, a final sealed the outcome of the match (93e).

Lannion has 12 points, as many as Vitré, 8e. The players of Rémy Le Bourdoulous defeated Dol on Saturday December 17 at René-Guillou, with the hope of securing a fourth victory before Christmas.

Reaction of Rémy Le Bourdoulous, coach of Lannion FC:

It’s a victory that improves the two previous ones, in pain […] The second half and the last half hour of the first half, we still defended very well, our goalkeeper didn’t have to stop. We take this first goal, because we don’t fit into the game, it’s my fault because I wanted to let this team go out a bit to play in depth. Then we went to look higher, we equalize quickly, we put a second behind.

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“Overall the match, the victory is quite logical, we had a lot of chances in the second period, but we played a good team. The contract is completed, and there remains Dol, whom we will play to win. »

Reaction of Fabien Grignon, OC Cesson coach:

It’s frustrating, because I think in the content, we did the right thing. The refereeing was somewhat favorable to Lannion this evening, even if they were more effective than us. We may have lacked a little presence in the area in certain situations. »

The composition of Lannion FC : Davaï – Guiziou (cap), Boisvilliers, Le Danvézet, Kerger – Le Bourdoulous (then Nugent), Vidot, Morin (then Le Méhauté) – Jan (then Julien), Acahbar, Devaux. Not registered: David, Piolot.

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