Saudi Arabia about to end their idyll –

, Saudi Arabia about to end their idyll –

The rumor of months has been circulating: Cristiano Ronaldo and his company Georgina Rodriguez would plan to put their suitcases in Saudi Arabia. The star of the Portugal team and elsewhere attached to a villa in Riyadh, for the modest summer of… 14 million euros.

CR7 for life in Saudi Arabia?

After Real Madrid, Juventus Turin and Manchester United, it’s FC Al-Nassr’s turn to welcome what we call one of the greatest athletes of all time. Indeed, Cristiano Ronaldo has just signed a two and a half year contract with Saudi Arabia, at the end of which he will retire. But what about his love affair with the Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez? While Saudi Arabia prohibits unmarried couples from living under the same roof, the Cristiano-Georgina duo remains in the spotlight.

Al-Nassr: the final stage of Ronaldo’s career

In reality, Cristiano Ronaldo had very little hesitation in signing with Al-Nassr. An enticing contract worth more than 500 million euros, prospects for development beyond his (Site notre bureau spécialisé) career, the possibility of the country’s ambassador when he bids to organize the 2030 World Cup… What quickly convince the Portuguese in search of a last adventure. Will Cristiano push his new team to the top of the sports betting? We will know in a few months. For now, there is still time to choose the platform of your choice by consulting the betway reviews.

His signature at the end of December, Cristiano Ronaldo has already displayed himself proudly wearing the yellow and blue jersey, registered number 7, which he will put on very soon during a first meeting against PSG. But if the international star is delighted with his arrival in the Middle East, many doubts persist about the consequences of this choice for his family.

Ways of life that everything opposes

Far from Europe and the Western world, Cristiano Ronaldo will still have to get used to the sometimes strict customs of the Saudi kingdom. Among them, the ban on living under the same roof and having children for unmarried couples. Had the athlete held back from spending more than two years away from his family? Will Saudi Arabia end its relationship with Georgina?

Asked about the issue recently, two Saudi lawyers said that the laws remain in place, but that the authorities are starting to become more flexible for expatriates who have additional time to apply for authorization. They are also explicitly that these laws are now applied only in the event of a major problem. Would the international star rank and the wealth of the player have an influence on the installation of the player in the Middle East?

Sport or family, you have to choose!

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez differ their lives since 2016. They have two daughters, Alana Martina and Bella Esmeralda, and together raise the 3 children of Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiano Jr, Mateo and Eva. Given the size of the palace that the international player bought in cash in one of the most prestigious areas of Riyadh and close to the stadium, we can say that the player did not hesitate for a single second to move with his family. full. Despite the legal problems that his marital situation could cause, Ronaldo seems determined to open this new chapter alongside his loved ones.

Clemency from the local authorities for one of the richest and most influential players on the planet or simple relief from the conditions of expatriation? No one will ever know. For now, Ronaldo must first prove himself on the pitch alongside his new team!

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