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Privacy Policy:
Disclosure of your individual data:

All texts by visitors may be studied using a robotic system for detecting unbearable texts.

This is in compliance with the GDPR.
Content taken from unknown sites:

The posts on this site are likely to introduce filled in data (such as videos, photos, papers, etc.). Content loaded from other sites behaves in the same way as if the user went to this other site. These websites could load information belonging to you, activate cookies, download external tracking engines, continue your interactions with these contents taken away if you have a linked account on their website.

The rights you have over your data:

If you have an account or if you have left texts on the site, you have the possibility of requesting to obtain a file containing in block the private data that we control about you, enclosing those that you have given us. You also have the right to request the cancellation of personal information about you. This functionality does not take into account information collected for administrative purposes, in compliance with the law or with the objective of security.

Handling and communication of your private data:

In cases where you want your password disabled, your IP will be included in the purge email.

Content data:

If you upload images to the site, we suggest that you do not upload photographs containing EXIF ​​GPS positioning data. Internet users visiting the site have the possibility of recording tracking data from these photos.

Regarding cookies:

When you submit text to our site, you will need to save your name, email address and site in cookies. This is only for the purpose of your user experience with the objective of not having to give these data in the event that you enter a new comment later. These cookies expire after one semester. When you visit the registration part, a transient cookie will occur in order to diagnose if your browser accepts cookies. It does not retain any secret data and will be deleted automatically when you close your browser software. When you log in, we run a number of cookies to save your registration data and your usage options. The lifespan of a registration cookie is less than 3 days, that of a navigation cookie is several months. When you check “Remember me”, the login cookie will be maintained for less than a month. If you close your personal space, the login cookie will be invalidated. By modifying or editing a publication, an additional cookie will be created in your browser. This cookie does not include any private data. It simply specifies the personnel number of the article that you have decided to correct. It expires after a few hours.

Send texts:

When you write a text on this site, the information exposed inside the form visible on the screen, as well as the IP identification and the Internet user information of your browser are gathered to allow us to detect prohibited remarks.

Storage times for your data:

When you leave text, the text and its metadata are archived indefinitely. This process makes it possible to automatically validate and adopt the following comments instead of leaving them in the moderation queue. personal page. All individual spaces have the ability to view, modify or delete their individual data at any time. The persons in charge of the site also have the possibility of seeing and modifying this data.