HSV: ex-professional Marcell Jansen remains president

General assembly

Marcell Jansen remains president of Hamburger SV. At the second division club’s general meeting on Saturday, two combined motions to vote clearly missed the required two-thirds majority. 73.43% rejected the request, 26.57% voted for dismissal. A total of 636 votes were cast. Jansen had announced in advance that he would step down voluntarily if there was a simple majority for the motions.

In their justifications, the two applicants mainly accused Jansen of errors in his role as chairman of the supervisory board of Fußball AG. In particular, he has been criticized for his shaky relationship with controversial chief financial officer Thomas Wüstefeld, who resigned in September after ten months. During the nearly two-hour debate on the motions, a number of speakers shared some of the points of criticism listed in the motions, but the majority also spoke in favor of keeping the former professional Bundesliga.

Jansen has been in charge of the traditional club since 2019. At the start of 2021, he resigned after a dispute with his then deputies Thomas Schulz and Moritz Schaefer, and he was re-elected in August of the same year. His term runs until 2025.

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