Football: The Caledonian U17s one step away from the World Cup

Opposed to Tahiti this Wednesday, January 25 (3 p.m.), the Cagous have the opportunity to repeat the feat of 2017. In the event of victory against the Polynesian rival, the U17 selection will qualify for the next World Cup.

It’s a semi-final with a special flavor. This afternoon, the New Caledonia – Tahiti match will force the happiness of us .. and the misfortune of others. The challenge of the meeting is simple: the winner will be directly qualified for the next World Cup, which will take place in Peru next November.

« It would be a new feat. I think the boys are very motivated and the staff are doing their best to put them in the best conditions so that they represent us as best as possible and above all that they try to get this place in the final.“, slips Gilles Tavergeux, the president of the Caledonian (Site notre blog d’information) Federation.

For this meeting, it will be necessary to be careful not to fall into excess of confidence. The Tahitian selection has serious assets. Falling from Vanuatu (2-1) in the first match, the team then won easily against the Cook Islands (6-0) then against the Tonga Islands (5-0).

Source is the result of the match, the sovereign federation will capitalize on this qualifying phase to prepare for the future. « We must take advantage of this enthusiasm that we have revived at the youth level to try to find us two or three players who could be exported to Australia or France, where there are very good training centers.“, concludes Gilles Tavergeux.

The match will be broadcast live from 3 p.m. on the OFC website.