successful debut at home for Boubacar Kamara

, successful debut at home for Boubacar Kamara
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This is what we call a successful integration for the former Olympique de Marseille midfielder! Boubacar Kamara only played two games with the Villans but he seems to have already been adopted by their supporters who appreciated the performance of the French international (3 selections) at its fair value. Holder in sentry in front of the defense, the number 44 has completed an impressive statistics sheet with in particular 100% of aerial duels won. And he was not content to succeed in all his duels with his head, he touched 88 balls and did not concede any fault at the same time. All that in 90 minutes of play, a full game for the Habs.

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As Steven Gerrard ardently wished, this match against the Toffees should confirm the choice of the new coach of Aston Villa. Boubacar Kamara rightly recalled the role of the Liverpool legend in his recruitment, during a press briefing with the French team: “I had this feeling with Aston Villa and I was very happy. When the coach comes to see you at home, when he makes the trip, when he explains the project, his ambition for me in the years to come… I take that into account, especially when it comes from Steven Gerrard, a of the best midfielders in the world in his position. His speech was very coherent, I really appreciated whether it was me or my family. That such a coach and such a player tell you that, his ambition to make you grow, to make you progress and that I become even better in the middle, that changes a lot.

Supporters under the spell of our Frenchie

If the former glory of the Reds of Liverpool was a fan of Boubacar Kamara, it is now the same for the supporters of the Villans. Some already mention ‘The best player in the Premier League’ of the season, others go even a little further by designating the French midfielder as « the greatest player in history » you club Enthusiasm is therefore very real on the side of Claret and Blue Army, completely under the spell of the Habs after only two Premier League matches.

The 22-year-old will have to continue with this take if he wants to stay on the same page with his coach and if he also wants to hear the praises of his supporters for a long time to come. As for this fragile chemistry that exists between the supporters of a team and the players of the club, it will only last if Boubacar Kamara manages to keep the level he has displayed so far during the match against the caramels. The next matches could therefore be crucial for the young midfielder in order to continue his integration, which has been more than successful so far.