😳 World Cup scandal: BVB star’s parents probably tried to blackmail US coach

According to various media, a scandal broke out in the US national team during the World Cup last December. A BVB star is also indirectly involved. Because his parents are at the origin of the scandal.

But from the start: Coach and former Bundesliga kicker Gregg Berhalter made an official statement on social media yesterday, referring to an incident in 1991. At that time, the 49-year-old gave a kick his current wife. The couple got back together and have been married for 25 years. The American national coach still regrets his mistake at the time.

The fact that Berghalter used domestic violence more than 30 years ago would have brought Danielle and former Bundesliga star Claudio Reyna to the scene during the World Cup. According to ‘ESPN’, the parents of BVB dribbler Giovanni Reyna have contacted the American association to reveal the information on the night in question.

Danielle Reyna once played (Site notre bureau spécialisé) at the University of North Carolina with Berghalter’s wife, Rosiland. The couple again took to The Athletic to tell their side of the story. They have reportedly only contacted sporting director Ernie Stewart to express their anger over their son Giovanni’s role during the World Cup. The 19-year-old had only been substituted twice.

Danielle Reyna felt personally betrayed that her son was put in such a bad situation by someone his family had considered a friend for years. Because the Reynas have been friends with the Berghalters for a long time. According to her own statement, Danielle helped her friend Rosalind through the trauma that the 1991 action had brought. Gregg Berghalter’s statement would minimize his misconduct.

Claudio Reyna only shared his frustration at not considering his son with close friends. « However, I have never threatened anyone and I never would, » Giovanni’s father said.

The incident is currently under investigation by the American Association.