📸 Incredible halfway spot: BVB score spectacularly in Bochum 🤯

, 📸 Incredible halfway spot: BVB score spectacularly in Bochum 🤯

Madness at the Ruhr Stadium: BVB miss prime DFB Cup chances against VfL Bochum in the first half, when Emre Can knocks out an incredible stand just before the half-time whistle. The Germany international scored from the halfway line. You read correctly. From. THE. median line.

What happened? In reality, hosts Bochum proved to be relatively stable against favorites Dortmund for 45 minutes. But after a long ball to BVB striker Haller, VfL goalkeeper Manuel Riemann came out of his box. And the 34-year-old was even able to control the ball relatively well.

The only problem was that he was shooting towards the center circle without too much pressure. However, Emre Can was there. The defensive player was shooting straight from 50 yards under pressure. And although the ball did not reach the goal too high, it literally jumped between friends and foes in the Bochum goal.

Riemann had tried to access the game device in the sprint. In the end it was only a few milliseconds too late and Emre Can had an amazing time.